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Welcome to Winnebago Mans website; one of the  leading Winnebago hire company in the UK. As a facility-vehicle hire company, we provide a full range of quality production vehicles that supports your needs. We can provide the right vehicle for your photo and video shoot, or commercial productions like TV shows, music events, event coverage, etc. Even if you need an additional dressing dress or green room for your product launch, don’t fail to call us because we can provide a modern fleet that perfectly suits the purpose.

Ace ULEZ Winnebago Interior
  • Ace ULEZ Winnebago

  • Small and Compact

  • ULEZ for London

  • Full wall sideout

VIP Winnebago Interior
  • VIP Winnebago

  • Double Makeup Area

  • Luxury Interior

  • Ideal Green Room

Standard Winnebago Interior
  • Pace Winnebago

  • Double Slideouts 

  • Toilet and Makeup Area

  • Idea for Photoshoots

Why are we the best Winnebago Hire Company to call?

Searching for luxury Winnebago that would serve the production needs of filmmaking, photo-shoot, or anything in between? If yes, then know that the Winnebago Man is the leading name in London and the preferred Winnebago hire company in the UK and Europe at large.

We have worked exceedingly hard to become the preferred choice, and the leading American Motorhome hire company in London and beyond. We are currently serving the best media production companies and leading photographers from around the world. Therefore, when it comes to getting the best Moho's and location vehicles, you should thing us.

Why Choose Our Winnebagos?

The following unique Winnebago hire solutions to make us the first choice of media production companies in the UK, and place us ahead of the competition.

Modern Winnebago - We provide all types of modern facility vehicles that are beautifully constructed, finished, and maintained to the highest standards.

Unbelievable Space - We can boast of having the highest and the largest glam space on any American Motorhome in the industry. Moreover, this is the reason why our Winnebago RV's are the perfect choice for your talent, client, or production team.

A.C.E Mini Winnie - We introduced the A.C.E Mini Winnie with all it’s refinements to the industry. This brilliant new Winnebago has unbelievable space, which makes it the most popular in the industry.

Sprinter Location Van - We have the most user-friendly shoot and move the vehicle in the streets of London. You can call on us anytime you have an emergency shoot, and our sprinter location van will be on the site.

Power Supply - Every facility vehicle we have is powered by a 5Kva generator that s cleaned, fuelled, and maintained to the highest standards. We do this to ensure that you don’t encounter any power problems during productions.

Our Location – We are the Winnebago hire company that’s closest to you. Our based near Pinewood is approximately one (1) hour drive from Central London, but we serve all cities and towns in the United Kingdom.

We Wear Your Badge – We fully understand what it takes to serve and collaborate with the best production companies and leading photographers from around the world. That’s why we keep meeting their needs with every Winnebago hire.

Therefore, we can provide the right Winnebago for your photo and video shoot, or commercial productions like TV shows, music events, and event coverage. If Winnebago is not your choice, we can also provide another modern facility vehicle that would perfectly suit your purpose. Contact us now!